February 7, 2019
Letters, Michigan

Wind supporter is unaffected by turbines he pushes

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This is in response to a letter from Sunday from Keith den Hollander of the Christian Coalition.

He mentions Isabella County and how a special use permit was recently approved for Apex Clean Energy to build 157 turbines in five of our townships.

While entitled to his opinion, den Hollander paints a rosy, pro-wind picture of the issue in Isabella County. Last week’s public hearing on the permit application was nothing more than going through the motions. The permit approval was decided before the hearing took place.

Apex, as usual, brought in people from all over who do not live in our county and will not be affected by this project. Den Hollander was one of those people. They all spoke in favor of Isabella County being bombarded with industrial turbines, all the while knowing they won’t be affected by it in any way.

Many of us sat through that meeting, for more than four hours, listening to these people from other towns talk about the need for green energy and the need to bring in more money to our county. None of them addressed the reason we were there, which was to discuss the Apex application for special use permit.

That includes Shiawassee County Planning Commission member Bonnie Ott, who for some unknown reason found the need to attend the hearing to push the big wind agenda.

I guess we shouldn’t be surprised by her appearance, considering our county administrator is the former administrator of Shiawassee County. It seems people from that county are popping up in our county ever since Apex left there and came here. Den Hollander failed to mention in his letter that Isabella County planners approved the Apex permit with conditions: more then 20 conditions for items in their application that were out of compliance with our ordinance.

He also failed to mention this project is not what everyone wants, but thanks to officials who refuse to listen and a wind developer bullying their way through the process, everyone will pay for the actions of a few.

While I do not know den Hollander personally, I have listened to him speak on quite a few occasions here in Isabella County on behalf of the proposed wind project. I have to wonder, what place does the deception and community dividing have in Christian values?

LouAnn Mogg


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