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New wind farm being proposed in Shasta County

A new wind farm is being proposed in north eastern Shasta County and Thursday night, residents got the opportunity to hear about the project during a meeting.

Residents who live in Montgomery Creek, which is near the proposed Fountain Wind Project, say they have not heard much in the way of details about the project.

Lio Salazar, the Senior Planner for the Shasta County Department of Resource Management, said he believes the site was chosen due to its proximity to the existing power lines that pass through, which would allow them to connect readily.

The project was filed by Pacific Wind Development LLC from Oregon.

The existing Hatchet Ridge Farm has 44 turbines and the Fountain Project is proposing adding an additional 100 that would stand taller than the Hatchet Ridge turbines.

The turbines at the Hatchet Ridge Farm stand around 420 feet high but three different turbines are being looked at for the new farm including some with heights up to 590 feet.

The new project would use about 30,000 acres of leased timberland and would be able to produce 347 megawatts, enough to power 260,000 homes.

The land they’re looking at currently is between the Hatchet Ridge Farm and Round Mountain, primarily on the south side of Highway 299 west of Burney, east of Montgomery Creek.

Some residents in the area have concerns about the proposed project.

“We don’t know the whole layout, we don’t know what’s going on. We lived through them putting the 40 up here, we know what it did to our highway, we know what we had to go through when they brought these things through here and these are going to be 150 feet taller.”

The project remains in the early stages and an Environmental Impact Report draft is due by mid 2019. The Shasta County decision making process won’t happen until early 2020 and if it is approved, building would take about two years.

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