December 18, 2018

Wind turbine application denied by Penn Forest Township

By Will Lewis | WFMZ | Dec 18, 2018 |

PENN FOREST TWP., Pa. – The winds of change won’t be blowing through Penn Forest Township, Carbon County as the zoning board denies an application of a company for the second time.

The issue has been debated for the last two years and one resident says the decision means it will be a good Christmas.

The company, Atlantic Wind, wanted to build 27 to 28 wind turbines on the land owned by the Bethlehem Water Authority.

“There was not maybe one thing, but there was noise, there was runoff, there was the wind farm syndrome,” said Paul Fogal, a member of the Penn Forest township zoning board. “There’s all sorts of different things that made us come to a collective decision.”

“The authority is supportive of renewable energy projects,” said Stephen Repasch, executive director of the Bethlehem Water Authority. “We believe it can work in the watershed without any negative impacts on the water supply.”

People living in the area didn’t think renewable energy was the right choice and many did all they could to stop the project.

“We banded together and we spent an awful lot of money,” said resident Alan Ingrassia. “We spent over $100,000 and the community like I said doesn’t have this kind of money.”

This is the second Atlantic Wind application for a wind turbine project to be denied by the township zoning board. “We have a nice Christmas now, it was a great Christmas present,” added Ingrassia.

The hope according to some is that Atlantic Wind decides to build somewhere else.

“We just don’t feel it is right for the township,” said Fogal

Atlantic Wind could appeal this latest decision.

People living in area hope they don’t appeal, but say you have to be ready for anything.

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