December 8, 2018
Editorials, New York

Sounding off in Arkwright

Observer | Dec 6, 2018 |

Expect more noise from the opposition despite a recent study that found the wind turbines in Arkwright are within compliance.

While Town Board members may be confident in the findings, those opposed to the turbines are just the opposite. The study, paid for by the town, was done in the middle of October. Wind speeds, according to the documents, did not exceed 13 mph.

“The turbine levels of 37 to 44 (decibels) recorded are considerably below the compliance level of 50 decibels,” the study noted. “The leaf rustling levels of 39 to 50 (decibels) are usually well above the turbine background levels. The sound of car passbys in the 46 to 71 decibel range is much greater than either the leaf rustling or turbine noise and would affect any daytime compliance test.”

More turbines are targeted for northern Chautauqua County – in the towns of Villenova and Hanover. Those Arkwright study results, for those against the turbines, are not reassuring.

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