November 27, 2018
Letters, North Dakota

Opponents receive unfair comparison

The Bismarck Tribune | Nov 25, 2018 |

In reading your article regarding the recent Burleigh County Commission meeting, I was bemused by a quote from Commissioner Brian Bitner where he likened the wind opposition group to DAPL protesters. “He heard” – who did he hear that from? Certainly no one in our group, which has been respectful from the start of our opposition over two years ago.

I think there is a huge irony in his statement, due to the fact that the CEO of this wind development company is on the board of directors of an ultra-liberal organization that funded and actively protested the Dakota Access Pipeline. In reading the mission of this same organization, you’ll realize that their only goal is 100 percent renewable energy at any cost and will protest anything having to do with coal, oil or gas.

On the contrary, the people against this wind project are from North Dakota, are not paid protesters, just local residents respectfully voicing their concerns in an unobtrusive fashion. They are not shutting down roads and terrorizing local law enforcement. In fact, I know that many in this group supported law enforcement efforts during the DAPL protests in many ways.

The attempt by our commission to taint this subject by putting a few untrue comments in a newspaper article should give our electors something to think about – do they represent us, or special interests with the potential to reward them financially?

I will submit that the upcoming Dec. 5 meeting will certainly be an interesting one, with plenty of testimony, and the opportunity for people to clear the air regarding these types of slanted comments of our elected officials, and to do it in a public forum.

Dave Nehring, Bismarck

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