November 21, 2018
Letters, Wales

A bad decision

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The recent decision by the energy, planning and rural affairs secretary Lesley Griffiths to give the go-ahead to a seven-generator wind farm is an affront to engineering, technological, commercial, democratic and indeed moral excellence.

The wind farm project at Llandegley near Llandrindod Wells has been rejected by Powys county councillors and a respected planning inspector – not to mention over two hundred objections from well informed protestors – the implication being that Lesley Griffiths is privy to a higher level of expertise and worldly knowledge that justifies her contentious decision. If so, perhaps she will be good enough to share her supreme skills with us lesser mortals so that we may learn and repent?

The minister must be aware that Wales with its population of 3million requires just 1850 megawatts (MW), at any one peak instant, to satisfy Welsh demand, whereby the relatively new Pembroke CCGT Power Station has a capacity of 2000MW alone regarding total Welsh power generation capability.

So it begs the question as to what or who will benefit from the unpredictable and intermittent additional power generation from this ill-proposed wind farm!

Travelling from Cardigan to Shrewsbury via the coastal route or through the heart of Wales triggers despair and sadness of how Assembly Ministers are allowing the desecration of the beautiful Welsh countryside with these limited engineering monstrosities – it is also very noticeable that travelling through the Welsh Marches to Shrewsbury there are few wind generators to be seen, especially when looking toward England – why is this I wonder?

I note on the internet that prior to her election to the National Assembly for Wales, Lesley Griffiths spent 20 years working at the Wrexham Maelor Hospital.

So, with the greatest respect, I wonder what engineering, technological and business expertise she brings to the table – surely it cannot be any useful expertise from years with the Labour run Welsh NHS as Wales has the worst service in the UK – just look at the waiting lists – well done Welsh Labour – no wonder with such Ministers we have a proliferation of wind generators across the ‘Land of our Fathers’.

Dave Haskell


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