November 13, 2018

Ravenshoe wind turbine goes up in flames

Ravenshoe wind turbines: Wind turbine goes up in flames at Ravenshoe | Andrea Falvo | The Cairns Post | November 13, 2018 |

A wind turbine has caught on fire at Ravenshoe. Fire fighters are on scene. Picture: Duncan Ray, Facebook

A wind turbine has gone up in flames at Ravenshoe’s Windy Hill for the first time since operations began 18 years ago.

Several Queensland Fire and Emergency (QFES) crews attended the blaze, which ignited about 3pm.

A QFES spokeswoman said crews stood by for safety in the event that it led to a grass fire.

Ratch spokesman Simon Greenacre confirmed a turbine at the company’s Windy Hill Wind Farm had caught alight.

He said the fire was contained within a turbine nacelle, the cover housing the generating components.

“The fire is now out,” he said.

“There were no injuries to Ratch or TWPS personnel or the public.

“Emergency services established an exclusion zone around the turbine to ensure no one got hurt.

“We are not aware of any property damage or interruptions to electricity supply in the local area.”

Mr Greenacre said an investigation into the fire would be carried out.

“The reason for the fire will not be known until our technicians complete their investigation,” he said.

“It was the wind farm’s first fire since the 20-turbine wind farm began operations in 2000.”

Picture: Duncan Ray, Facebook

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EARLIER: A WIND turbine has gone up in flames at Ravenshoe.

Firefighters are currently on scene monitoring the blaze, which appears to have started at the top of one of the turbines on Windy Hill.

“We’re currently on scene and we’re just standing by for safety just in case it causes a grass fire,” a Queensland Fire and Emergency spokeswoman said.

“We’ve got one fire crew out there, another one of their way and we should have rurals on their way as well.

“Police are up there as well.”

The cause of the fire is unknown at this stage.

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