October 31, 2018
Letters, New York

Wake up, Canisteo: Change is in the wind

Posted Oct 30, 2018 at eveningtribune.com

Your quality of life and property values are about to decline. Are you aware that there is a proposal afoot right now, to construct as many as 175 wind turbines, 600 feet tall within the Town of Canisteo? This project has been in the planning phase for several years now, and may come to completion with little public input thanks to intense secrecy of the developer.

The negatives of this project are too numerous to list here; in addition to the visual impacts, if you live nearby a turbine installation, expect your property value to decline. References abound citing this trend in the wake of similar projects. Arguably, your home may be appraised at its present value, but should you tire the view of wind turbines and decide to sell, what will your property be worth if no one wants to purchase it?

Ironically, as its saleability declines, your assed value will not. Additionally, consider this: The PILOT payments and other “contributions” to the local tax base offered by the developer are in part made possible by incentives and subsides offered by your state and federal governments! That’s correct, those subsides originate with your tax dollars, funneled through the developer, and back to your locality (in much reduced form minus their profits, profits sent out of state and even overseas). The negative visual, economic and other aspects of this project do not justify turning our township into something resembling the backside of a porcupine.

Before it’s too late, become acquainted with this issue, beginning with information from www.saveruralsteuben.com, or the wealth of information at www.windwatch.org, or the eye-opening book, “Paradise Destroyed: The Destruction of Rural Living by the Wind Energy Scam” by Greg Hubner.

James Koegel,

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