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Wind farms

With a very open mind, we went to the meeting about wind farms on October 16, at Camden Falls. We wanted to find out the whole truth of their affect on all the lives in Seneca county. We’ve put a sign in our yard, and are writing this letter in hopes that many more people in the county will get the true facts, and make a decision based on the whole truth, not half truths.

We learned that these companies wanting to reap the benefits of federal tax dollars are not even from the state of Ohio. They’re people from out-of-state, trying to influence our citizens and tell us how to run our business and ruin our environment. We are just pawns in their chess game. If this is such a wonderful plan, it can wait until the tax incentives for these companies are over.

One promise that’s been made is how it will financially benefit our local school systems. We would like to remind you these same promises were attached to the state lottery and the funding of casinos. How has that worked out? Have you seen that happen? That hasn’t happened and we are still funding our schools locally, which is OK, but we just don’t want to be lied to again and realize we’ve been duped instead, and that the biggest share of the revenue is going to fill the pockets of big businesses and other out-of-state interests.

We were forewarned last evening that the windmill companies aren’t planning to stop with just part of the county either. They are eyeing the ares of Bascom, New Riegel and Bettsville, also. It’s not just a case of in their backyards. Your backyard can be next on the list. This is not just an issue of money or how the look of the county will change, it is about the health and welfare of all, our children and the future of generations to come! It is about how this will affect our health, the environment, our drinking water and eco-system. There are more meetings planned and we urge all of you to take some of your valued time and find out all the facts! There is so much more information, but not enough space to list it all. If you feel as we do, please attend the upcoming meetings and please write a letter to the Ohio Power Siting Board urging them not to approve these wind mill projects! We’d

like to encourage you also to contact all public officials who represent us, such as the governor, state representatives, U.S. senators and U.S. representatives from this area.

We would like to thank Mr. Reineke and Mr. Kerschner for taking the time from their schedules to show support of the people that have elected them. It seems that too many elected officials today are only interested in their agendas, and not the interest of the people that they are representing.


Fred and Kay Zirger,