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Get involved with wind turbines

As residents of Eden Township, we oppose the two proposed wind turbine projects for Seneca County. We are not opposed to renewable energy but we are opposed to an INDUSTRIAL wind project being placed in the RESIDENTIAL area in which we live. Concerned citizens, like ourselves are not motivated by money or being paid by the fossil fuel industry, we are fighting to protect our homes from becoming ground zero in an INDUSTRIAL wind project.

All of us in rural Eden Township chose to make our homes in beautiful, rural Seneca County. We have invested our time and hard earned money into making our homes in Eden Township, and we have every right to protect our homes. No one asked any of us if we wanted our homes surrounded by INDUSTRIAL wind turbines. In fact, like most residents of Seneca County, we only learned about these projects a few months ago. These projects have been shrouded in secrecy, being planned behind the scenes for 10-plus years, which in itself has raised huge red flags to all of us. As residents of Eden Township and Seneca County, we feel betrayed by our elected officials and are infuriated by the lack of transparency with every aspect of these INDUSTRIAL wind projects.

Many people have said to us, “these projects are a done deal,” but nothing could be further from the truth. If you think because you live in the city or an area of the county NOT impacted by these two INDUSTRIAL wind turbine projects, think again. There are expansions of these projects planned that will bring INDUSTRIAL wind turbines to almost every part of Seneca County, and at a proposed 652 feet high, these turbines will be very visible from an estimated 30 mile radius which means they will be undoubtedly VERY visible from the city of Tiffin.

If you are someone who enjoys a drive in the country, wildlife, parks in the area, hunting or just the scenic Seneca County area, please educate yourself and get involved. There will be an information meeting on Tuesday, October 16th, at 5:30 p.m. at Camden Falls. At this meeting Representative Bill Reineke will be speaking as will County Commissioner Mike Kerscher. There will be a presentation updating everyone on where the two current proposed wind projects for Seneca County stand in the approval process. Even if you are in support of the wind projects, please attend this meeting with an open mind and listen to some of the concerns that others in the county have about wind turbines. One thing is certain, if we do nothing these projects will happen, but if we speak up and get involved in the fight, we can and will stop them!


Residents of Eden Township,

Jay and Shanna Price

Gary and Julie Lescallett

Ed and Theresa Clark

Ken and Linda Hetzel

Cary and Donna Theis

Nick and Sara Silardi

Joe and Diane Hudok

Rick and Sandra Hiser

Chris and Kristie Theis

Paul and Kathy Wise

Gina Steinhauser

Jan Sampson