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Additional wind farms do not benefit region

This is an open letter to the Public Service Commission. The PSC decision on the expedited application of Cassadaga Wind LLC will determine whether clear cutting of forests in Cassadaga and Cherry Creek will begin Nov. 1 for the proposed 48 turbine wind project.

Dear members of the NY Public Service Commission:

Quoting John B. Rhodes PSC chairman from the transcript of the Siting Board Jan. 17, 2018 re conditional permitting of Cassadaga Wind LLC…

“State policy calls for energy projects that are designed to succeed …

Cassadaga Wind has questionable viability, as data presented by Cassadaga Concerned Citizens shows. See the video on Chautauquaupdates

“Designed to succeed as energy projects for the benefit of all New Yorkers, but also critically, projects that protect and accommodate the concerns of local communities and of the New Yorkers who live in them.”

One month ago, Arkwright wind turbines began operation. Two weeks ago many residents of Arkwright attended their town board meeting – people who trusted the town board when it said impacts would be minimal. Now the people can feel and hear the turbines and they are expressing their displeasure at the loss of quality of life due to sound and vibration.

Rhodes: “This order provides clear guidance for future projects. …when we provide specific, objective, and predictable standards, we are providing a great and important help to communities and to developers as they consider future projects.”

“Specific objective and predictable standards” Arkwright Wind turbines are adjacent to the proposed Cassadaga Wind project. The Arkwright experience “provides specific and objective” conditions within an existing turbine operation in immediate proximity to the proposed site.

Arkwright is real time, it is live, it does not involve projections, or far away studies, or models. It provides an absolute reality of noise, of infrasound, of bat and bird mortality that is taking place as a result of operating turbines in this area.

Chairman Rhodes: “This order provides clear guidance for future projects” as the first Article 10 proceeding.

Clear guidance can be drawn from the real life experience of the people of Arkwright. Their daily exposure to turbine impacts serve as the clearest guidance for future projects in this area.

Given the goals stated by Rhodes and the presence of a real time, actual, living, breathing site in the Arkwright Wind project – to gauge all the conditions speculated on, projected during this study process, we feel that both sound and infrasound concerns and bat mortality should be studied further in real life in Arkwright before Cassadaga Wind goes forward and the results be presented at an evidentiary hearing. We respectfully request an evidentiary hearing be called to prove these important issues have been addressed.

This project is in not “in the public interest.”

Cassadaga Wind LLC cannot “render safe, adequate and reliable service.”

It is neither a “public convenience” nor is it a “necessity.”

We ask that you deny the Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity to Cassadaga Wind LLC.

The deadline for public comments on PSC Case 18-E-0399 is Oct 8.

Karen Engstrom is a Mayville resident.