October 8, 2018
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Wind issue is deciding factor for Southwood

Letter: Oct. 8, 2018 | Journal Review | www.journalreview.com

A vote for Jim Fulwider is a vote for wind farms. Many of my neighbors have regularly attended commissioners’ meetings for over a year and a half now. They have provided Mr. Fulwider with a large amount of evidence which shows that wind farms have affected the health and safety of children. He has been given the Vermillion County Illinois School Superintendent William C. Mulvaney’s letter stating that his students suffered headaches and lack of sleep from living next to wind turbines. Yet in July, along with the other two commissioners, he passed a wind ordinance that does not even mention the word “schools,” let alone protections for them.

Mr. Fulwider was also a given a copy of the Indiana Court of Appeals decision from last year for Rush County, Indiana, where it was decided that a setback of 2,640 feet from wind turbines was needed for the health and safety of people living near them. Still, along with the other two commissioners, in July he voted on a wind ordinance with “protections” of only 1,500 feet. This ordinance also allows decibel limits of 50, while the World Health Organization recommends decibels of under 40 for sleep hours. Mr. Fulwider has been given this information in paper form as well.

The bottom line is that Mr. Fulwider’s decisions have been to support Big Wind, and the well under 1 percent of this county who have signed up for wind towers on their properties. Meanwhile, he has thrown the 85 percent of this county who is opposed to wind towers directly under the bus.

For the voters who do not live in an area slated for wind farms, I hope you are never faced with a health and safety issue which threatens your family, your property and your way of life. It is exhausting and frustrating to constantly petition public officials who could care less about your plight. If you do vote for Mr. Fulwider, do so with the expectation that he will most likely not side with you as the common man if Big Business comes knocking.

Many green energy advocates are opposed to wind farms because of their impact on birds and other wildlife, and our water supply. But if you are simply concerned with our children’s ability to get a good night’s sleep and focus in the classroom, vote for Ed Stephens. He is dedicated to doing what’s right for the people on this issue of wind farms.

Tisha Southwood


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