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sPower go home

I attended a Seneca County commissioners meeting last week and it felt like we were being invaded by sPower. At least four good-sized men sat in the back and said not a word but made a very intimidating statement just by their presence. With all the bad publicity that sPower has been receiving in this area, what kind of a statement are they trying to make now?

Over the past months, sPower intimidated leaseholders by using legal loopholes to not let them out of their expiring leases. They have refused to let me out of an agreement that they used blatant lies to get me to sign and are now using it to put a huge turbine too close to my home. They submitted modified plans, which moved a high-voltage humming and brightly lit electrical substation from a remote location and placed it right beside the expensive new dream home of a non-participating retired neighbor couple. They fully intend to surround one of our largest rural schools with huge turbines placed as close to the school as they possibly can. They have sent letters to leaseholders saying they will be coming onto their property to begin pre-construction activities when they have not even received permission to build the project yet from the state of Ohio.

This company is behaving like a bull in a china shop. Holly Stacy and Shayne Thomas have welcomed them into our county by promising them huge tax breaks. We citizens are expected to put up with their bullying tactics and live most or all of the rest of their lives under the 85 shadow-flickering, noisy, spinning, vibrating, blinking, 650-foot-tall monstrosities they leave behind and be happy about it.

Well, guess what, sPower? We will never accept you into our community no matter what Stacy and Thomas have promised you. The results of a recent poll say there are over 40,000 people in this county who don’t want you here. If you sent your men to our meeting to intimidate us like a group of Pinkertons, would then they can just turn around and get out of our county. If you sent them here to make friends, then we say, “Hi, now get out of our county.”

Jim Hoffert,

Bloom Township