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Reader seeks change in local government

A really big item for the upcoming November election concerns property rights. This is currently a two-fold issue. One point is the industrial wind turbine concern. A few property owners want to use their property as they see fit to make money. But, on the other hand are the majority of property owners who are non-participating in the industrial wind turbine business. The non-participants will be forced to suffer the possible and or probable effects of ultra low frequency sound, audible noise, sun shadow flicker, strobing red lights at night, higher taxes, increased electric utility bills, encroachment on their property, decrease in property value, impaired vision of the rural landscape, loss of ability to build on their own property along with other trespasses. Industrial wind turbines will cause a loss of property rights on both sides of this issue. We have factual information to back up all of these items.

The second point of this concern has to do with zoning. Zoning will start as a costly comprehensive plan, which will eventually morph into much more governmental control over property through zoning. On this issue, an appointed zoning board will trespass onto your property and into your lives. If you agree with my comments, would you consider helping to change local government? Would you consider voting for Ed Stephens for county commissioner and Greg Wilcox for county council district 3? Both of these men are for no zoning and no industrial wind farms.

Rich Watkins