September 21, 2018
Letters, Wales

BBC’s stance on wind farms is a real enigma

Western Mail | 20 Sep 2018 |

Is the BBC losing the plot?

Countryfile on September 9 appears to have thrown caution to the wind by including a number of scenes with ugly, ineffective wind-driven generators (they are not “engineering” turbines) in the background – my perception of previous programmes being that the producers of Countryfile took pains to keep these monstrous totems out of sight, which are continuing to industrialise our beautiful British countryside.

Surely this different approach poses an enigma – is the BBC attempting to condition us into accepting wind farms as a natural part of our irreplaceable countryside; or is it indeed trying to tell us to open our eyes to the continuing desecration of our wonderful and world-envied heritage?

Dave Haskell

Penparc, Cardigan

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