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Gone with the wind

Wind farms? What a joke. There is nothing farm-like or agricultural about 500- to 600-foot industrial wind towers.

Imagine our beautiful Coteau and Glacial Lakes region covered by hundreds of monstrosities. Deuel alone has approximately 320 proposed wind towers with more projects in the works. Codington and Grant have about as many.

To put these into perspective, the water tower in the SE edge of Watertown is approximately 150 feet tall, and not spinning, or creating noise, infrasound, or shadow flicker. In Codington, they can build towers 1500 feet (approximately 4 1/2 – 5 city blocks) from your home, backyard and family.

It’s shameful what some politicians and local boards are doing – creating hundreds of industrial zones throughout our counties. Ordinances require board members to protect the health, well-being and property values of all residents, not help a few people and greedy corporations (many foreign owned), increase profits. They need to research what these industrial towers do to health, safety, property values, tourism and aesthetics of the area.

Wind companies contribute campaign funds to politicians who make it easier for the companies to do the projects. But wind company executives and these politicians pushing these projects would never live by a 600-foot wind tower with all their negative effects.

We pay for these projects through taxes and increased utility rates for power we don’t need or use. People won’t know what hit them until the towers are built. That’s too late. These sacrifice quality of life, health, safety and residential property values for the greed of a few.

Anyone who is not bought off by wind companies should be outraged by what they are doing to our area.

Learn the truth and facts about industrial wind towers: they do not help the environment. Call your representative!

John Homan