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Wind projects bring moral turpitude to Seneca County

Being a lifelong resident of Seneca County, as well as a 37-year resident of Eden Township in particular, I am saddened at the current level of greed and dishonesty being exhibited by some in the community over the proposed wind turbine projects. The violation I felt last Friday is indescribable, when thieves came onto my property and stole the large “No Wind Turbines” sign I had erected. As a citizen of this great nation, it is my right to take a stand for what I believe in without retribution from those who think differently. I can only assume this was the work of pro-wind backers. Not only was this theft criminal, it also appears to represent the mindset of some of those being misled by the greed and deceit perpetuated by the wind turbine companies that have thrust their desires on this community.

Most recently, it has been noted that two of the three Seneca County commissioners have dug in their heels in favor of pro-wind with no real explanation of their motives other than possible dollars for the county. This would appear to be suspect at best, considering the trade off for our every day quality of life. Obviously, renewable energy is a good concept, but is far from dependable at this point. Seneca County is not the proper testing ground for this experiment! This county has an average of 103 persons per square mile, based on current data. This potentially puts thousands of local citizens within the direct vicinity of these proposed 60-story-tall hulking monsters. Many residents would deal with the possible negative impacts every single day! Make no mistake … quality of life is why all humans press on from day to day. Greed by some would take that away from many. Those who stand to profit from this devastating plan are exhibiting a willful disregard for their neighbors, constituents and the community as a whole. I would like to believe that an honest person would distance themselves from these types of people.

It is notable that Tiffin’s current mayor, Aaron Montz, recently has announced his bid for re-election and provided this statement: “My mission is simple, to make life better for all Tiffin residents, businesses, students and visitors.” Kudos to you, Mayor Montz, for all of the fine work you have done in the county seat! I would hope this progress is not negated by the transformation of our county into an industrial wind farm no one wants to visit. I would encourage everyone in Tiffin, the surrounding townships and the county as a whole to get educated on the devastating impact these projects will have on our community. Then take a stand for what you believe. It’s your right!

Rick Coffman,

rural Tiffin