August 31, 2018
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Fight against wind farm isn’t over

The Commercial Review | August 31, 2018 |

You may have heard Rob Weaver’s interview with Michael Rucker, CEO of Scout Energy, on the radio – Topic: Greed.

As we have seen in the past, monies don’t always end up where they are “promised.”

Scout Clean Energy reapplied for the tax abatement because they were turned down the first time. They are obviously not used to taking “no” for an answer. If this project is going to have such a huge return on their investment, then why do they need a tax abatement?

They should not be holding back tax dollars that rightfully should be going to Jay County from the very onset of the project.

Scout boasted about unanimous approval from the plan commission. The plan commission did not actually have a choice on the issue. Their hands were tied. As long as Scout met the requirements of the application, the plan commission had to approve their request. Scout mentioned that they had approval from the tax abatement advisory committee regarding the abatement – the tax committee’s decision, however, was not unanimous.

While Scout may have met the requirements for filing the application, they do not meet the requirements of the Jay County wind farm ordinance for height restriction on wind turbines. And there is currently a petition filed with Jay Circuit Court regarding that issue. So, it is not a done deal as they would have you believe.

Scout wants you to believe they have Jay County in their best interest – they do not. The wind farms are a scam. If they didn’t get their subsidies from the government, they would never build because the turbines are not feasible.

If wind farms are such a good thing, why are people all over the world fighting to stop them? Also, why are many other counties in Indiana now banning the development of wind farms as well?

Why is there a “gag” order in the contracts with those who choose to have them on their property? The contract states that the landowners can never talk negative about the turbines. Why do the contracts list possible negative effects, such as increased noise level, shadow flicker, interference with radio and TV … but then Scout Energy publicly denies any negative impact from the wind turbines?

People need to realize that a handful of Jay County people are lining their pockets to cram this down our throats. This fight is not over as they are trying to make people believe.

Deana Powell


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