August 30, 2018
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The harm of wind farms is real

RTW: The harm of wind farms is real | By Jeanie McCarthy, Special to the Olean Times Herald |

Right before there is an earthquake, animals run from the epicenter. This is because they hear frequencies below the range of human hearing, and because they feel the vibrations. If only we were so good at detecting danger.

Wind turbines produce frequencies below 20 Hz, which is below our level of hearing. These frequencies can travel up to 6.8 miles. These frequencies attack our autonomic nervous systems. They also attenuate differently in various types of buildings. Everyone is affected. It just changes with the bodily organs’ mass and density. These frequencies have been tested as weapons.

Around the world, near turbines, people have experienced sleep disturbances, high blood pressure, difficulty concentrating, anger, stress (flight or fight responses), blurred vision (from fluids in the eyes vibrating abnormally), tinnitus, vertigo, nausea, migraines and a host of other maladies. The World Health Organization (WHO) has studied these effects, and pages 30 and 31 of “Infrasound, Low-Frequency Noise and Industrial Wind Turbines” (it can be found online [1]) describe the myriad health effects. The WHO also recommends [2] not going over 30 dB as an audible sustained noise [indoors].

Invenergy wants to put the limit at 50 dB. To put these next to homes is criminal, but like the cigarette companies of old, people are making too much money to care about the health of the citizenry.

There are 3.7 million acres of state land in New York. I am sure they could be kept away from homes and only destroy the trees and the wildlife there. Birth defects of animals go up near them, as they produce electromagnetic frequencies as well.

Flicker rates, a strobe light effect, destroy concentration and slow down the completion of simple tasks.

Please watch the YouTube video “NO WIND TURBINES: Chautauqua County Residents [3]” for a great overview.

The turbines will have cameras on them and probably, as they are doing in Belgium, 5G. I equate 5G to living in a microwave.

The production tax credit (PTC), which is federal, and New York State Energy Research & Development largely subsidizes the turbines through our tax revenues. To understand what a financial boondoggle it all is, please go online and read, “The New York Wind Farm Scam Phony Crony Capitalism Means Ugly Wind Farms that Kill Birds and Whole Communities!” at cfact [4].

Invenergy used toxic slag from Bethlehem Steel in Sheldon, N.Y., under the roads in that agricultural community, much to the chagrin of town councillor Glenn Cramer.

Invenergy has been sued by Orangeville, N.Y., for $40 million for causing illness and going over the 50 dB agreed-upon parameters.

Invenergy has also been sued in Houston, the state of Oregon and Brownsville, Wis. Somerset, N.Y., has rewritten its law [5] to limit turbines to 150 feet and to keep them a mile from residents, despite New York state getting rid of local law regarding wind farms, and in spite of Article 10.

If you want your health to decline, to have your children do poorly in school, to have noise and lights flickering all day and night, to have thousands of acres destroyed and to ruin your beautiful scenery – while paying for it through your taxes – allow this is to happen.

Thank you,

(Jeanie McCarthy lives in Franklinville.)

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