August 29, 2018

Community takes up fight against proposed wind farm

Mount Fyans wind farm | Anthony Brady | The Standard | August 29 2018 |

A wind farm proposed for Mount Fyan’s has created a hostile response from nearby residents.

A band of residents made the trip to Port Fairy on Tuesday to address Moyne Shire Council’s August meeting.

Tasmanian company Woolnorth Wind Farm Holding Pty Ltd. is the proponent of the 87-turbine wind farm.

The maximum blade tip height is 200 metres.

The location of the wind farm is five kilometres north of Mortlake. It is proposed the transmission line from the wind farm would join the 500kv line near the Mortlake power station. The project is at pre-application stage.

Resident Leanne McDonald said turbines will be 50 metres from her land. She said her family has been offered turbines to be placed on her land but it is an option she does not wish to pursue.

“Our lifestyle is our main choice,” Ms McDonald said.

“For us, we are not anti-wind farm, we are just anti-wind farm in populated areas that will effect a lot of people. It will effect our working space, our living space, or enjoyment space.”

Woolnorth held forums for the public to come and ask questions about the project on August 10-11.

Moyne Shire is calling for nominations for a Mount Fyans wind farm community engagement committee.

The committee will be made up of six community members, three Moyne Shire councillors and two representatives from Woolnorth.

Mortlake resident Lachlan Cumming told Moyne councillors Woolnorth had been creative with its description of the wind farm location.

“The proposal has been strategically named Mount Fyans so as to mislead a whole community on the area of land involved,” Mr Cumming said.

“Whether one has a house in Mortlake, a lifestyle block of land, or a working farm in the surrounding areas, the entire community is being impacted.”

Mr Cumming was critical of the community consultation undertaken by both Woolnorth and Moyne Shire.

He said a project of this scale would have been in planning for many years, yet an overwhelming majority of the community has been given no time or notice to obtain or process information.

“Four councillors I have contacted over the last 10 days, only one knew about the project well enough to confirm its location and detail,” he said.

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