August 16, 2018
Letters, Ohio

Turbines a terrible sight

The Advertiser-Tribune | Aug 16, 2018 |

Some time back, I read a letter written by Ruth Hoepf concerning the wind turbines, and I totally agree. Take a drive to Van Wert â€“ what a terrible sight, as far as the eye can see, one turbine after another. What happened to the beautiful landscape? God gave us something wonderful, what happened?

Do I want to see this happen in our county? The answer is a definite “no.”

People should take into consideration what happens in case of an electrical malfunction? Do the motors stop, the blades stop turning? Something has to give; if it should blow apart, how far do the pieces go?

Another thought, during the winter: ice forms on the blades and starts to melt, how far will the ice fly when it finally slips off?

How can we destroy our beautiful landscape?

Is God smiling down on what we are doing to the beautiful earth he has given us?

Linda Keckler,


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