August 15, 2018

Commissioner, trustees call for end to AEZ

By Nicole Walby, Staff Writer | The Advertiser-Tribune | Aug 15, 2018 |

Three of six township boards affected by the alternative energy zone and proposed wind projects have passed resolutions opposing the creation of a wind farm.

Seneca County Commissioner Mike Kerschner announced during the Tuesday session of Seneca County Board of Commissioners that Reed Township trustees approved a resolution similar to that of Adams Township and Scipio Township opposing the creation of the Republic Wind Farm. Reed Township approved the resolution Aug. 7, which seeks to ask Seneca County to rescind the alternative energy zone and pilot tax program.

Kerschner issued his concerns if this would be beneficial for the county and its residents.

Kerschner introduced a motion to rescind the alternative energy zone and pilot tax program. The motion failed.

During public comment, Bloom Township resident Greg Smith issued his concerns with what the exact steps in the process are, given that it is a confusing process.

Paul Weaver said he encourages commissioners Holly Stacy and Shayne Thomas to study and listen to what residents are saying.

Thomas addressed community members, saying it is easy to get mad at commissioners being present and available, but they should contact the Ohio Power Siting Board.

In new business, commissioners discussed possibly replacing sections of Seneca County Sheriff’s Office and jail. Kerschner said they are to look into the issue and prepare a motion for the next meeting.

Seneca County Board of Elections Deputy Director Lori Ritzler requested the commissioners reimburse the board $16,000 and $3,200 they received from the Ohio Secretary of State’s Office to be used for new voting equipment and poll worker training. The request was approved.

Ritzler said the new equipment would include a system for disabled voters to be able to receive ballots electronically or through the mail.

Also discussed was the master plan for county buildings in the south end of Tiffin. Kerschner said commissioners should re-evaluate the plan to include all county buildings, not just in the south end.

Commissioners said they would have the committee gather to include other buildings in the plan.

Kerschner also announced during the meeting that the commissioners are to sponsor the event “Bounty in the County,” to collect items for the local food pantries, Aug. 25.

In other matters, the board:

• Approved a supplemental appropriation to the maintenance and repair fund for the amount of $39,863.

• Approved an appropriation to the general fund in the amount of $1,190.

• Authorized Seneca County Board of Commissioners to enter into the Issue I-Round 32 Cooperative agreement with the Seneca County Boards of Trustees.

Updates also were given a work session prior to the regular meeting. Updates included the Rover pipeline, Wolf Creek clean-up and a project to add additional parking on Jefferson Street.

Commissioners entered into executive session to discuss personnel. No action was taken.

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