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San Luis Obispo County does not need Carbajal’s help

Rep. Salud Carbajal, D-Santa Barbara, has announced that he intends to make the Central Coast an energy hub for California. That is contradictory to his and his supporters’ actual record. They rejected the use of liquified natural gas (LNG) tankers offshore and piping natural gas inland was rejected long ago.

Use of nuclear energy at Diablo Canyon has finally been defeated after decades of Gold Coast attacks. Petroleum drilling, transport and processing has been severely curtailed and is headed for eradication also.

Now Carbajal is boasting of wind turbine farms in Lompoc and off the San Luis Obispo County coast. He gives no thought to the environmental damage that will occur. Why is it that these wind farms are all far away from Santa Barbara? Lompoc has its own green energy sources and would not use energy from these new wind turbines. San Luis Obispo County does not need Carbajal’s “help” to supply energy, or his environmental destruction.

If Santa Barbara needs for energy, let that community build wind farms onshore and offshore in Santa Barbara. Better yet, let Santa Barbara stop encouraging population growth on the South Coast. Increasing population means increasing energy needs. Santa Barbara is creating its own energy problem.

Carbajal once described Lompoc as “the armpit of the North County.” If that insult has merit, it has because Carbajal and his supporters have sent several hundred transient-homeless people to our streets and riverbed, and now a wind turbine farm to destroy our chaparral and visually pollute our horizon.

David Grill