July 29, 2018

Dodge County Concerned Citizens holds informational meeting on proposed wind turbine project

By Ala Errebhi, Reporter | KTTC | July 28, 2018 | www.kttc.com

A proposed wind project in dodge county has many residents concerned, and the group Dodge County Concerned Citizens sponsored an informational meeting for the public Saturday morning.

According to the group the group, the project would involve 71 wind generators.

The meeting allowed those in attendance to hear the size and scope of the project, understand the permitting and commenting process, and ask questions.

Some residents had concerns about noise and their property values possibly going down.

“The turbines are 2.5 megawatt turbines, and those are bigger turbines than I have ever seen anywhere in Minnesota. What that means is they’re going to be taller and they’re going to be noisier,” said Carol Overland, an attorney at law with Legalectric. “There are benefits, yes. We’re generating electricity without generating emissions. But there’s a flip side to it, in that it does create a lot of noise, for the people living nearby. It can have an impact on property values, that is very real.”

Residents can share their comments and concerns at www.mn.gov/puc

The deadline for comments is August 10.

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