July 11, 2018
Letters, Maine

Vacationland or wind-tower land?

Sun Journal | July 11, 2018 | www.sunjournal.com

Vacationland or wind-tower land, we can’t have both. Soon the voters of Greenwood will be called on to settle this issue.

The wind energy company from Texas and now Canada are after all the government subsidy money they can get their hands on. With this money, they hope to erect as many turbines as possible to transmit the electric power to southern New England.

The mountains, residents and camp owners of Greenwood are all being sacrificed for out-of-state power, and I doubt if any of the money will stay in Maine.

We know from other wind energy projects that the major issues are loss of property values and noise.

I am a lifelong hiker and am already tired of the cell towers that keep appearing on our hills and mountains.

If you vote to allow the wind turbines to be erected in Greenwood, you will be looking at them for a long time. Long after the turbines have died, your descendents will also be looking at them.

The wildlife can leave, but those of us who own real estate will be stuck here and will have to deal with the aftermath.

It angers me to no end that an out-of-state company can come into this town and sacrifice the people and the mountains for electricity transmitted to out-of-state customers.

There is a lot more money to be made in tourism than we will ever see from the wind energy companies.

Blaine A. Mills, Greenwood

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