July 7, 2018
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Financial concerns over wind turbine project

Rensselaer Republican | July 6, 2018 | www.newsbug.info

I’ll confine my comments to the recent article “Turbine talks make gust in county” as it relates to financial statements made regarding the local benefits of this project. Some very large amounts were tossed in making it look as though it’s a huge windfall to Jasper County and it’s residents.

My question is which of these amounts are truly relevant to the majority of residents who will have to put up with turbine presence for generations to come?

Which of these categories of millions of dollars deserve investigation and consideration by our local officials?

Just my opinion, but I don’t believe it is the responsibility of local leaders to grow the wealth of a few landowners with turbines on their ground, at the expense of many more taxpayers who will have to put up with them. It is also my understanding that the large number of construction crew members come from other areas.

So what does that leave to be considered? I do agree that it is a legitimate inquiry by local officials to do what they can to keep local taxes low. At least here, we are addressing an issue that affects all working age residents who earn a paycheck or own any property. I understand this concern. And what is that amount? The article states one to two million dollars returned to the county in local taxes. Wind companies are known for using numbers here that often end up inflated. Let’s give the benefit of the doubt. One and a half million dollars.

My proposal is this: Census trends estimate a 2020 population in Jasper County of 36,000 residents. What would you think if the county sent an invoice to each head of household in the county, asking them to consider sending in $41.66 for each member of their household. In exchange, we can forget this idea of you, your children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, etc.,etc, having to deal with the shadow flickers, noise and property value erosion caused by these monstrosities for generations to come?

Brian Papak

Union Township

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