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How to get involved

If you are concerned about the multiple proposed wind turbine projects (with 590-foot-tall wind turbines) in Seneca/Sandusky/Huron counties, then now is the time to get engaged! We have great momentum in our favor right now and have established quite the amount of support county and statewide.

I have heard some people making comments like, “There is nothing we can do to stop these things, anyway” or “It’s a done deal” or “It doesn’t effect me, so why should I care?” All of these statements are untrue. There is so much you can do to let our politicians and the Ohio Power Siting Board know that you do not want these projects to take place here!

These projects are very far from being a done deal! There is a popular acronym NIMBY, which stands for “not in my back yard. While it stands for that, it also stands for “Next, it might be you!” This goes for the western half of the county (Bascom, New Riegel and Fostoria). You’d better get involved before it is too late!

Here is a quick look at what has been done so far in Seneca County to stop these projects:

• 550-plus Seneca County residents attended Seneca Anti-Wind Union’s May public meeting at the Attica Fairgrounds!

• The SAWU has put up thousands of yellow signs all over Seneca County, and this number continues to grow every day.

• SAWU has worked tirelessly by going door to door and holding major events to have approximately 1,400 citizens of Seneca County sign a petition asking our commissioners to rescind the aternative energy zone! Commissioner Mike Kerschner has made a motion to rescind the AEZ; now, we just need to get one more commissioner on board!

• SAWU has had meetings in Bellevue, Attica, Bloomville, Old Fort, Tiffin, rural Republic and soon in Eden Township (7 p.m. Monday at Mohawk Community Center). SAWU has been at the Seneca County Farmers Market twice and will be back July 14. SAWU will have a tent at the Seneca County Flea Market Saturday and Sunday. SAWU will have an outdoor tent (by the Super Barn) all week at the Seneca County Fair (July 23-29). We also have many other events planned that are in the pipeline.

• June 20, SAWU filled an entire commercial bus to transport concerned Seneca County residents down to the Statehouse in Columbus for the opponent hearing on substitute House Bill 114. We had many people who submitted written testimony and gave oral testimony against the bill to the Ohio senators who are on the Senate Committee for Energy and Natural Resources. We also now have the support of State Rep. Bill Reineke and State Sen. Dave Burke behind us on this front, as well!

We have the support of a majority of our local township trustees who have voted to intervene against these proposed projects.

If you want to know how to get involved, get a yard sign, sign our petition or, if you just want more information, you can contact us through the private messenger feature on our Facebook page, send us an email at senecaantiwind@hushmail.com, call me at (419) 618-1741 or attend one of our upcoming events that are mentioned above.

SAWU is fighting to protect our property rights and we will not let our hectic lives or anything else stand in our way! Check out the SAWU Facebook page at www.facebook.com/senecaantiwind.

Thank you,

Chris Aichholz,

Bloom Township