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Health issues of turbine noise

Wind farm operators are being urged to pay more attention to reports about the impact of wind turbines on nearby residents.

A team of international experts who have studied the effects of acoustics and infra-sound were in Colmonell last week to meet local people who believe they have been affected by nearby wind farms.

The meeting was arranged and chaired by Pat Spence of Dochroyle Farm, Barrhill.

Pat suffers from many symptoms which she relates to the presence of the many turbines which now surround her home.

The discussions on the day focused on the problems caused by acoustics, and in particular infra-sound (deep sound waves, too low for the human ear, but thought to be responsible for certain illnesses and also sleep deprivation).

Dr John Yelland, an acoustics expert, demonstrated how turbine blades produced both audible and low frequency noise nuisance, adding that power companies often fail to record the range of frequencies when residents complain about turbine noise.

He also produced evidence that animals can be affected when kept close to turbine sites.

Professor Mariana Alves-Pereira has been researching vibro-acoustic disease since 1980, working with the Portuguese Air force to identify the effects low-frequency engine noise (around the same frequency as infrasound) on aeronautical technicians.

And Dr Angela Armstrong, a retired GP has been investigating claims of ill health from patients living close to turbine sites.