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Matters of right and wrong

We all have to decide for ourselves what is right and what is wrong. I believe that there are several things going on in our county that are clearly wrong, and that is why I have chosen to run for public office. One month after the primary election in May, our commissioners passed a new WEC’s Ordinance that governs the use of Industrial Wind Turbines in the county. It was passed unanimously by the commissioners without giving the public a chance to see it, review it or make any comments. It now goes to The Henry County Planning Commission. At least two and possibly all three of our current commissioners have the potential to gain financially from the passage of this ordinance. I believe that this is wrong.

The new ordinance does not adequately address well-documented health and safety concerns, about which, a great deal of sound research material has been furnished to the commissioners. Part of a commissioners job is to look out for the safety of the citizens. The commissioners have requested unreasonable proof concerning research. For example, do 100 percent of people living near turbines experience headaches and sleep problems? I believe that this is wrong.

The setbacks have been set at 1,500 feet from the foundation of a person’s home. The turbine companies recommend 1,600-1,900 feet, yet our commissioners feel that 1,500 feet is generous. By measuring from a home’s foundation, the property owner loses rights to areas of their own property. I believe that this is wrong.

It does not take a study to determine that a country home surrounded by 500 foot turbines is worth less than a home surrounded by trees, corn or fields of wheat. A small group of wealthy land owners will benefit. Thousands of others living in the country will lose financially. Some will lose a substantial amount of their largest asset, their home. I believe that this is wrong.

In the past two elections voters have shown, without a doubt, that they are opposed to having Industrial Turbines in Henry County. In counties all over Indiana, voters have expressed the same sentiments. In Henry County the votes, and will of the people, have been totally ignored. I believe that this is wrong.

This ordinance is now before the Henry County Planning Commission. Our commissioners have a great deal of influence with this board. The board members are discouraged from discussing this or other issues with the public except in public meetings where time for discussion is very limited. The voters of this county can only hope and pray that their voices will be heard when this board considers this ordinance. I don’t believe that any other single issue in my 43 years living here will have had a greater impact on the future of this county.


Ed Tarantino