June 22, 2018
Letters, Ohio

We say ‘no’ to turbines

The Advertiser-Tribune | Jun 21, 2018 | www.advertiser-tribune.com

My wife and I have worked our entire lives in a factory and a side business to raise our family and have a good life for our children. No one in our family farmed or could have passed some land on down to us. God bless the farmers. We had to pay taxes before we received our paychecks. We never received any subsidies for anything. We always pay taxes for anything deemed taxable and didn’t complain. We hear people complaining about how much they pay in land taxes; you have an option to sell your land if you don’t want to pay your fair share of taxes. Don’t make excuses for the choices you have made and quit complaining. Man up or shut up.

We wanted to and do support a nice school district and a place to call home. Now this is being torn apart mostly due to what we call greed. Is there a guarantee that this wonderful wind turbine project will solve all financial problems or will not affect our school districts receiving more money or future levies failing?

For my family, we respect our neighbors, the beautiful landscape and family values. We value friends, nature and what God has given us ahead of the almighty dollar.

Doug Brown,

rural Republic

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