June 14, 2018

Public meeting on health effects of wind farms to take place in Offaly

By Justin Kelly | Offaly Express | 14 Jun 2018 | www.offalyexpress.ie

Wind Aware Ireland are set to host a public talk on the health effects of wind turbine noise at the Bridge House Hotel, Tullamore at 8pm on Friday, June 15.

Members of the public, as well as public representatives, are invited to attend to hear the talk from Prof. Mariana Alves Pereira and Prof. Alun Evans.

Prof. Alves Pereiara is an expert on Vibro-Acoustic Disease which is caused by exposure to infra sound and low-frequency noise exposure from any source, including jet aircraft and wind turbines.

Her talk is entitled, “The Health Impact of Wind turbine Noise and Infrasound.” Given the prevalence of wind farm developments in Offaly, organisers are keen for people to attend and inform themselves.

Prof. Alun Evans, a public health specialist at Queens’ University Belfast, will also speak on the topic. Prof. Evans has previously noted that wind turbines are producing noise levels which are far above what’s supposed to be permitted; while many people are not affected, others could experience sleep disturbance. This in turn leads to increased blood pressure which he said is a major risk factor for cardiovascular disease.

The talk takes place at the Bridge House Hotel, Tullamore at 8pm on Friday, June 15.

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