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Wind turbine farms opposed in Seneca County

A public outcry is growing and building across the Seneca County area.

Residents are trying to halt the proposed building of wind turbine farms. And that’s what a meeting Thursday night in Attica was all about.

It was organized by the grassroots group Seneca Anti-Wind Union. Hundreds came to get information and join the movement.

“We all moved out here in the country to have some peace and solitude and we have a right to that and hope to keep it the way we want it,” according to Chris Zeman of the Union.

Two companies are proposing to build massive windfarms in Seneca and surrounding counties. The turbines would stand 591 feet tall shadowing nearby homes.

One proposed farm would have 80 turbines.

The biggest concern besides loss of rural serenity: property values dipping.

“I don’t like the looks of this. They could put them on the backside of my property if they want to,” said Tom Everhart.

“With the drilling and boring I know what to expect from it,” added Randy Kuhn.

Kevon Martis and his group Interstate Informed Citizens Coalition successfully stopped turbine construction in Riga Township, Michigan.

His advice to the Union?

“I would recommend these folks continue their battle with the state legislature as there is a movement to change the statewide setbacks for wind turbine development to make it much less permissible to the wind industry,” said Martis.

Ohio’s Power Siting Board must approve the turbine farms.

The Union hopes is can use the power of the people to prevent what members consider the wrong way of generating power.