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Way of life at stake in shadow of wind turbines

I have deep concern about and opposition to the wind-energy projects proposed for Farmersville, Freedom, Centerville and other communities.

No amount of money offered by the wind farm developer can offset the irreparable damage caused by these huge monstrosities – damage to our health, to our way of life and to the natural beauty of our area.

It will take 20 years for each tower to produce enough power to offset the fossil fuel consumption required for their construction. So much for green energy.

Property values will drop as fewer and fewer people want to live in the shadow of these things.

In 20 years, when these towers are crumbling and falling apart, and the company that built them no longer exists – or just walks away – property owners will be responsible for the cost of maintenance, clean-up or removal. Will the money paid to the landowners even come close to this expense?

This can all be stopped, just as the horrible Farmersville dump proposal was stopped, by people coming together and saying, “No way! Not here!”

It is my sincere hope that this will happen again.

Charles B. Jackson, Franklinville