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Keep wind turbines out

I’m thinking, sitting here this morning, of the quagmire that we are letting ourselves into, the monstrosities being placed in and around our community if we allow it.

What are the farmers for it thinking? I can’t believe it. Earth is a gift from God. Why do we want to scar it?

There is an interesting article in Farm and Dairy, a publication in northwestern Ohio, by the Rev. Eldon Trubes, May 3, about stewardship, humility, meekness, the Beatitudes, a lot of Scripture, the Bible. Many don’t want any part of it. “I want my way now, regardless who I hurt or step on, all for power and money.” That’s greed.

One of our commissioners, a woman who lives on their farm and just bought the land across the road, I ask, “Do you want those monstrosities to look at from your front window?” I don’t think so, but you are for them.

We have lived and farmed northeast of Tiffin for 58 years. I love this farming community and all its people. I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. We have been so blessed.

I grew up just west of Tiffin and we farmed there for eight years. We would drive into town on the old Fostoria road onto Miami street, what now is Westgate and the mall was beautiful, productive farmland. Now it is covered with black top and practically vacant. What a waste!

Let’s keep the wind turbines out and preserve our farmland and use it for what God intended it to be used for. “Feed my people.”

Ruth Hoepf,