May 22, 2018
Letters, New York

Wind farm provides no net gain for community

Opinion: Wind farm provides no net gain for community, says Parishville resident | North Country This Week | May 21, 2018 |

In response to “Wind Law Passes, Kills Development” which appeared on the front page of the May 2-8 issue of North Country This Week:

I read Paul Coplelman’s statements in article written by Matt Lindsey for North Country This Week. He states “The most disheartening thing about this abrupt reversal and improper revote is that it surrenders to the handful of opponents using intimidating tactics and ignores so many voices in the community.”

1. This was a totally legal, legitimate, and proper revote.

2. I’ve never seen the majority referred to as “a handful.” This is a blatant lie.

3. “Intimidating tactics,” as defined by what?

Your constituents are sick and tired of fighting this fight, for lack of proper representation. The gig is up for Avangrid.

Sue Lyon and Steve Parker, you continue to give the impression that you are aligned with Avangrid, by your comments to NCPR. I am prepared to help the residents of your community file an Article 78, if you fail to ensure the community that you are on the side of your people and not pulling for Avangrid.

Even the leaseholders need to be protected from Avangrid. That’s not scare-mongering, it’s the damn truth. You both also, clearly are not studying the economic reality information you’ve been given. There is no net gain by having the wind facility in our community. No. Net. Gain.

Angela Spear


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