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Wind farm is a great opportunity for disaster

Once again I am compelled to set the facts and issues straight. The pro-wind people have tried to no avail to recruit persons in neighboring towns to write letters, be in full-page ads and help convince North County people this project would be good for

the area – however when anyone from a neighboring town has something negative to say about the project, all we hear is go home. You are wrong. This project will effect many more people in the area other than just the Hopkinton residents. As a matter of fact, the county and the school will gain the lions share of what few crumbs that Avangrid is offering/ Also, all the same people you are telling to go home are the same people that support your local businesses and come to your chicken BBQ and tractor pulls. You are not shouting go home then are you. I hear the word opportunity used many times – it is an opportunity for disaster.

In closing, if this opportunity is so great, then Avangrid should not have any trouble finding a new host town to share in all the endless opportunity – for disaster!

Gregory Caron