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10 reasons to sign wind petition

Here are the top 10 reasons why people should sign the petition recently sponsored by the Town of Ocean City and advertised in their news cycle.

  1. Wind power isn’t economically viable due to the inconstancy of the wind speed.
  2. Wind turbines require regular maintenance and repairs, which necessitate the ongoing use of fossil-fueled vehicles and       equipment.
  3. Wind turbines are notorious for explosions, fires and other accidents.
  4. The lifespan of a wind turbine is relatively short; only 15-20 years.
  5. Thousands of wild birds, some endangered, are killed by wind turbines annually.  The lattice work designed to protect them from the blades is counter-productive, as birds use them to nest and are caught in the blades.
  6. The fishing industry will be at risk, as the poles of the turbines, which would be sunk about 80 feet into the seabed,  disrupt the feeding and nursing grounds of valuable fish, including striped bass and summer flounder.
  7. The National Air Traffic Controllers Association suggests the turbines would present a hazard, calling this project “a disaster waiting to happen”
  8. OC tourism will suffer greatly, as annual renters are already asking about the wind farms and the impact it will have on their view of the ocean, especially  in the taller buildings.
  9. Pro-wind farm advocates are primarily interested in lining their pockets.  Don’t fall for their sugar-coated sales pitch.
  10. We have only one chance to do this the right way

Phillip Guggenheim

Ocean City