April 27, 2018

Township approves ordinance to eventually allow wind turbines

By Kate Nadolski | WNAM TV 5 | Apr 26, 2018 | www.wnem.com

The Beaver Township zoning commission unanimously voted for a new zoning ordinance that would allow wind turbines.

This happened at the Thursday night meeting, but getting to the vote was not easy.

“I like to see the farm field in front of me and behind me and watching animals, airplanes and cars go by. I don’t really wanna see a big 300-foot tower in front of me,” said Mackenzie Haller, resident.

A majority of the packed room spoke out against the ordinance.

Many said the wind turbines have no place in their community.

“This is not an efficient means of reducing power. If it weren’t for the federal tax credit these things wouldn’t be going up,” State Rep. Gary Glenn said.

There were a few people in the crowd who were for the ordinance.

“It pays the farmer and it increases the tax base of the township and it’s clean,” one resident said.

The meeting was just an approval for the ordinance that would eventually allow a wind farm. No dates have been set to move forward.

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