April 26, 2018
Letters, New York

Residents sold out by town council for money

Opinion: Residents sold out by town council for money, says Hopkinton resident | North Country Now | April 25, 2018 | northcountrynow.com

I would like to thank Sue Wood and Kelly Pullano of Hopkinton Town Board along with other past/present Hopkinton Wind Advisory Board members for reading, researching and attending the numerous meetings to revise the old wind law.

They have devoted two years to read the materials given to them, watch videos of other towns dealing with some of the same issues and to try to develop a wind law that protects the safety and health of all of Hopkinton’s residents. I truly wonder if the other three board members have done the same.

The wind company seems to know exactly what card to play at each turn and which weak link to focus their attention on to sway votes. The sad result is that those people don’t realize how they have been used, for the billion dollar corporation gains. The two board members who would not pass the new wind law sold out our town for who knows how little money (which is out of our own tax dollar pockets, by the way).

We bought our farm 42 years ago and with it had a long daily drive to work in Massena. When asked why live so far away, we replied, “where do you go on the weekends?” the reply was usually Hopkinton or Parishville to 4-wheel, ride snowmobiles, fish or hunt. I’d tell them that I live in that area that you go to enjoy on the weekends. Well, the reality of what they will have left to enjoy if the wind farm comes in, is scary. Watch the Arkwright You Tube videos of industrial wind farms going in that area in Western NY, for a reality check!

There are many folks who say they will move if the WT come but I wonder who will buy the homes and live near these turbines. Less homeowners equals less taxes paid and even less funds for our town to have use of. No one will buy these homes and will be eventually abandoned.

All the wind advisory committee volunteers wanted were provisions for health and safety for our once close-knit community.

John Niles


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