April 13, 2018
Letters, Maryland

Visual pollution unacceptable

The Dispatch | April 12, 2018 | mdcoastdispatch.com

We who live or visit Ocean City are blessed with the natural beauty of the ocean horizon. We want to continue to see that beauty without it being marred by ugly wind turbines by day and the unnatural glow of high-intensity flashing red aircraft warning lights by night. How many have considered how the horizon’s natural beauty will be spoiled at night as well as by day?

The vast majority of us are strongly in favor of renewable energy and the reduction of dependence on fossil fuel; but we should not create visual pollution in order to create renewable energy.

We can have both renewable energy and no visual pollution if the Maryland General Assembly passes House Bill 1135/Senate Bill 1058 which requires that the wind turbines be at least 26 nautical miles offshore. Write to your Maryland Senate and House representatives to pass the bill.

If there cannot be amicable agreement on construction at least 26 nautical miles offshore, we need to start again with a new hearing with the Public Service Commission regarding this wind turbine project because there has been a considerable change in the size of the wind turbines from what was discussed six years ago. What was agreed on six years ago and what is being planned today is totally different.

Let’s assure that the natural beauty of the ocean horizon, both day and night, remains intact as seen from the tallest building in Ocean City.

Robert Borghese

Ocean City

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