April 12, 2018

Ingersoll Township extends wind moratorium

John Kennett | Midland Daily News | April 11, 2018 | www.ourmidland.com

Trustees from Ingersoll Township Board unanimously approved this week a six-month addition to the existing one-year moratorium on a Wind Energy Ordinance.

“The planning commission has not yet forwarded to us (the wind energy ordinance) and because of that, I am moving that we extend the existing moratorium on wind energy systems from a 12-month duration to an 18-month duration,” stated Ingersoll Board Chairman Chuck Tabb.

The motion extension was approved unanimously.

The original moratorium, approved on March 22, 2017, was needed after reports surfaced that DTE had approached township residents regarding leases about the possible placement of wind turbines on their property.

The Ingersoll Township Planning Commission was given the task of updating the wind ordinance. But, it’s been a painful experience, filled with emotional outbursts, accusations, raised voices and threats – an ordeal that has divided neighbors and left many longing for a solution.

However, those longing for a solution should take comfort. The planning commission has nearly finished its task and should complete the ordinance at its next meeting – on Monday. The ordinance would have been completed in March, but that month’s planning commission meeting was canceled.

The planning commission had been waiting for a legal opinion on the township’s conflict of interest policy. During discussion, the question arose, “Is it a conflict of interest if a planning commission member has other family members that hold leases for wind turbines, but in another township?”

The Ingersoll Township Planning Commission felt it needed a legal opinion on the question and referred it to township attorney Peter Poznak.

Poznak has since responded with the opinion that the situation would not create a conflict of interest, thus allowing the issue to move forward.

The proposed wind ordinance can be viewed on the township’s website at: ingersolltownship.com

Monday’s meeting is scheduled to take place at 7 p.m. the Ingersoll Township Hall, 3026 S. Sasse Road. If approved, the ordinance would then go before the full township board.

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