April 9, 2018

Residents ask Chesaning Twp. Board to begin work on windmill ordinance

By Jeanne Marcello, Staff Reporter | Tri-County Citizen | 2018-04-08 | mtc.mihomepaper.com

CHESANING TWP. – During the Thursday, April 5 meeting of the Chesaning Township Board, a couple of citizens voiced their concerns about industrial windmills and asked the board to begin working on a windmill ordinance.

Kurt Krupp told the board, “My neighbors are great people.” But Krupp explained that he has an issue with the way windmills are being funded and how the structures would impact his property value.

Krupp said, “The (wind) companies are laundering money through our politicians. It’s money coming out of my wallet. I’m paying to put them there.”

He said wind turbines will adversely affect his property value, and when it does, he fully expects his property taxes to be lowered substantially.

Timothy Wendling said he and his wife are Maple Grove Township residents, but own property in Chesaning Township. “Windmills are a hot topic. I do know that Maple Grove has hired attorneys. I know there are farmers who signed (wind) leases here. There are definitely some concerns. These wind companies are very good at twisting the way things are worded,” Wendling said.

Wendling said the way measurements are taken, on noise, shadow flicker, are carefully worded to benefit the wind companies. He said wind companies measure shadow flicker as fractional seconds, rather than over the hours that shadow flicker occurs.

“There’s a lot to consider,” Wendling said. He told the board that ice on wind turbines make them pulse, changing the sound. “Get help,” Wendling said.

Chesaning Township Supervisor Bob Corrin said, “Right now, we’re kind of in neutral. We work for you.” He said what the board needs is to hear from residents.

Chesaning Township trustee Pete Hemgesberg said the township planning board has been discussing it. “We don’t want it. We’ve got to get schooled too. We talked about getting Shiawassee County’s ordinance. The last thing I want is a big blowout (angry residents).”

Krupp said, “That’s my neighborhood. I think all my neighbors are great people.” He added that when it comes to tax time though, he doesn’t want to pay for wind turbines.

“We are laundering money from our pockets to the wind companies (and politicians). I’ve seen it,” Krupp said. He concluded, “I know a lot of farmers were paid up front, even if windmills don’t go in.” He isn’t opposed to that. But he doesn’t want his tax dollars going to the windmill companies.

Krupp also said wind companies tear apart communities. He doesn’t want that to happen in Chesaning. “We have great neighbors,” he repeated.

Hemgesberg said Chesaning Township is less desirable for wind energy because it’s situated in a valley. That would necessitate taller windmills.

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