March 24, 2018
Indiana, Letters

To the residents of Tipton County

To the residents of Tipton County, Indiana, plus any other County in the United States of America who are in the process of considering to allow an Industrial Wind Farm invade your county.

In Tipton County it would appear that we have an elected official who is letting his ignorance overpower his duty of serving the residents of the county. I have heard that this person claims there have been no complaints about the Wildcat Wind Farm. Maybe he has not seen any of the complaints, or talked to residents who live in the wind farm, he certainly has not been to visit us, or maybe the complaints have been destroyed.

There have been complaints: I remember filling out a complaint form a few years ago, I wonder what happened to those? I also wrote a letter to the editor of the local newspaper about the negative impacts that the turbines are having on our lives, the ecology, the aesthetic beauty and good will among residents of the county.

The proponents of a wind farm will not tell you any of the negative impacts that you will experience after it is in operation, they may even tell you that reported impacts are false; however, these negative impacts are for real.

You never get used to the noises, the constant motion, glaring red lights at night. The ecology will be affected by the abiotic change, wildlife populations will diminish, birds will be killed, animals will be affected by the low-level impulses that their bodies cannot handle.

These are things that we have experienced firsthand; they wake us up at night, they have caused nausea, they have caused our house to vibrate, they have created a hum in our house, they do interfere with cell phones, satellite tv service, satellite internet service. Shadow flicker will drive you batty. Your property value will decrease dramatically. If you are downwind from turbines the noise impacts are even greater.

Much of the wildlife seems to have vacated our area, we do not see the rabbits, foxes, deer or even as many woodchucks. The purple martins left shortly after the windfarm began operating and have not returned. One farmer in the area had to dig up an area in a field where a power cable from a turbine ran through and reported that for approximately two feet in diameter around the cable the soil was a weird green color.

Don’t let them bully you into accepting what is not good for all of the people in your county. Why should most of us suffer at the greed of a few.

Election time is coming: Seek out candidates that are good for the whole of the county not just the greed of a few.

Fred McCorkle
Windfall, IN

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