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Wind turbines affect city, too

Wind Turbines? I live in the city. It does not affect me.”

That is what we hear a lot these days when it comes to the Industrial Wind Turbines. Well, maybe it will not be in your back yard, but it does affect you. It affects all citizens of Montgomery County.

There appears to be the appeal of possible new tax revenues for the county, but there are many concerns about loss of revenues. If ten percent of the rural residents move out and leave the county because of health and safety concerns, how does that affect tax revenues? Would there be a corresponding decline in school enrollment, and an associated decline in school revenues? What affect would this population decline have on local businesses?

The Industrial Wind Farm companies are very dependent on federal production tax credits, which come from our tax dollars. How would the wind farms be affected if in the next five years these tax credits go away? That is a possibility. Would the wind companies go bankrupt? Would the turbines cease operations for lack of maintenance? How would the cost of decommissioning these industrial wind turbines affect the participating landowners and the county?

The No Wind Farms group in Montgomery County is working to protect the county and its citizens. There is a lot of information available addressing these concerns.

Above all, the health and safety of Montgomery County residents should not be compromised.

Bill Milam,

Montgomery County