March 3, 2018
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Divisions in community result of ‘outsiders’ like RES

Pharos-Tribune | March 2, 2018 |

On February 28, 2018 there was a public forum written by Keith den Hollander, national field director, Christian Coalition. I quote his public forum:

“Unfortunately, there are some outsiders who have come in and used misinformation or political motivations to try and stop wind energy here in Indiana. These agendas divide communities and are designed to pit one neighbor against another to accomplish their ends.”

Keith I would like to remind you and everyone else reading this public forum that RES Americas is based out of Bloomfield, Colorado. Their parent company, Sir Robert McAlpline, is a British based company. Brad Lila, the director of development for RES Americas, is from Wisconsin and his office is based in Minneapolis. I am not sure where you are from, but a quick internet search would indicate Michigan.

I am born and raised in Cass County and when I learned of all these “outsiders” coming to Cass County, I quickly began educating myself. I have talked with people from all over the world who have experienced the “division of communities” and the pitting of one neighbor against another that is a result of “outsiders” like RES coming into a community.

The Cass County Property Rights group has asked some individuals to come to our community to share their experiences with “outsiders” and to help us maintain our “conservative Hoosier values.” I am pleased to be a part of one of those Hoosier farm families with strong family values and incredible work-ethic. We will continue to fight to keep “outsiders” away from our community.

— Paige Woodhouse, Royal Center

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