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$10,000 to reveal anti windfarm bloggers’ identities

A $10,000 reward leading to the identification of the authors of an anti-wind energy website is being offered by former Sydney University academic.

Emeritus Professor Simon Chapman AO posted the reward on Twitter in an attempt to discover who was responsible for the Australian-focussed anti-windfarm website stopthesethings.com

Professor Chapman, recently retired from University of Sydney, said that his primary interest lies in exposing those responsible for the site and holding them accountable. Since December 2014 the website has published a huge amount of misleading and often defamatory content attacking anyone supporting renewable energy, he says.

“Those responsible write and publish vicious attacks behind a cowardly cloak of anonymity, and refuse to publish comments that challenge their nonsense,” says Professor Chapman.

Chapman says that information he has already received strongly suggests that there are a number of Victorians who have had direct contact with those behind the website, but more evidence in needed to definitively identify the authors.

“It’s been said that sunlight is a wonderful antiseptic. The authors of STT are like cockroaches: they work in the dark and they spread disease. Unnecessarily frightening people and making them anxious about wind farms that millions live near all over the world is hugely irresponsible. People who are anxious can develop serious symptoms of stress. It will be a service to the public to focus sunlight on these people and their lies.”