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Turbines south of SH 72 will impact watershed

There is a big difference between south and north of 72.,.it is called the “Watershed”

In case some don’t realize who live in Hopkinton and the surrounding towns, most of our water supply can be traced back to the Watershed south of 72.

What happens when extensive blasting and driving is done for the 20 or more steel pilings needed to support each massive 500-600 foot industrial wind tower? It disrupts the water flow deep in the bedrock. Yes, they need to drive each and every steel piling up to 50 ft. deep. This means waterways are polluted, totally rerouted, or dried up entirely.

All of us in Hopkinton have either dug or drilled wells. Perhaps you think you are safe because you live no where near a proposed tower site and you imagine it will have little, if any, impact on your day-to-day life. Well, think again. No doubt your water supply can be traced back to the same place mine does. How will you feel if one day you turn on your tap and only brown undrinkable water pours out or none at all? Can you afford to drill a new well and maybe still not find clean water?

Who will be responsible for the multitude who will lose their only source of the vital necessity of clean water?

Has the Hopkinton Town Board even considered the massive expense and calculated the cost to supply clean water to each and every taxpayer’s home who will possibly lose this vital necessity?

They have to take this as a serious and very possible reality and what of the town’s liability, after all, they have been made aware that the Watershed is south of 72, by even some on the Wind Advisory board they appointed.

How much will it ultimately cost each of us taxpayers? What about those of us who live out-of-town too far from the main roadway to have town water lines?

We have rights to maintain what we already have…clean water.

Why would our elected town officials even consider allowing these wind towers to play Russian roulette with a vital and necessary part of all of our lives!

Just plain and simple – say no to South of 72.

Stick with the wise decisions you originally made to follow the advice of the wind advisory board. Stick with your original statement that Hopkinton and Parishville were sister towns that were working closely together to have coordinating wind laws, to protect all of their residents. Parishville wisely chose to pass a resolution that protected all their people.

If the town can’t afford a new lawn mower, let’s have a community-wide fundraiser!

(We don’t need outsiders slithering into our town seducing individuals with futile promises of wealth.)

We have Survived & Thrived for over 200 years! And we will continue to grow and thrive!

Sherry Blum