February 3, 2018
Letters, New York

Time has come to say no thanks to Avangrid

Opinion: Time has come to say no thanks to Avangrid, says Winthrop resident | North Country Now | February 2, 2018 | northcountrynow.com

After more than seven years the time has come for Avangrid to move on from Hopkinton and find another host community for their wind project.

Over time I have been approached by both the pro-wind and anti-wind groups to support and help their cause, perhaps because having lived and operated a business in Hopkinton for 30 years my life has become entwined with people on both sides of this issue and this is the reason why I have been asked.

To me and many others it is plain to see that having a project of this size comes with way to many negatives and uncertainties.

The construction of these wind turbines will forever destroy the scenic beauty – Hopkinton will no longer be a quaint little town nestled in between the St Lawrence valley and the Adirondack mountains. Other negatives – to mention a few – the effects of the noise and vibration, the effect of property values, the effect on wildlife, the unknown future estimated decommissioning cost are uncertain.

As for compensation/incentives that the wind company has offered. Over 80 percent of the persons polled in St Lawrence county are in favor of full taxation.

However the wind company feels it should pay roughly 10 percent of that number. This seems hardly adequate seeing they are heavily compensated with our own tax dollars.

The town of Parishville made the right decisions and now it is time for the leadership of Hopkinton to do the same. So I say directly to the council persons of Hopkinton – no more excuses – it is time to get your wind laws in affect with the most important part of your decision being focused on the health and welfare of the people who elected you to protect them.

Keeping in mind it is better for setbacks to be to far rather than to close. As for the PILOT – the over whelming majority have spoken – no PILOT – and once again how can you as elected officials ignore the people who helped get you there. Ignoring your constituents with all the facts pointing

against your position is not only bad leadership but also political suicide.

Last but not least – it is sad – yes sad that a company like this would come to a small town and try to paint a picture of opportunity when heaven knows every small town in America craves a better opportunity for their family’s and neighbors. However the only opportunity in this project is for the wind company and their investors.

Having the backing and guidance of the overwhelming majority of the towns people – it is time for the leadership of Hopkinton to say – no thanks, Avangrid

Gregory Caron


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