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Bring in the experts

The Crawfordsville City Building was filled to capacity again as the Windfarms discussion continues at Montgomery County Commissioners meetings. There is great concern among some community members as to how the unheard sound frequency or “decibels” from the wind mills and the affect it can have on people.

Commissioner Phil Bane reached out to experts at Purdue University to explain and educate the Commissioners as well as the public as to the affects decibel limits possibly have on health. Bane again expressed the weight this decision is on the Commissioners and reassured the public that they continue to research and take every concern into consideration.

“We were presented with an ordinance, regarding lowering the decibel level, the 30 decibels on windfarm issues. I made a motion at that time to table the item until we got some additional input . . . we’ve heard both side of the story and I wanted to go out and get an independent person to comment on this issue”, said Bane. “This ordinance was written in 2009. We did our best to address, what we knew were issues concerning the county infrastructure . . . mainly roads, ditches, that sort of thing. The sound never even entered my mind as we approved the ordinance . . . and that’s ignorance on my part,” said Bane. “It is what it is today. I understand both sides of it. When I tabled this ordinance back a couple months ago, I wanted to deal with logic and facts and not the extreme examples from either side. Thus, I brought [professor] Kieth in to talk to us today,” said Bane.

Professor, Keith R. Kluender, Head Dept. of Speech, Languages and Hearing Sciences, took time to share basic principles on how sound works on a scientific level. Kluender presented an interesting power point of graphs and charts and how sound affects us in different situations. Kluender offered facts of how decibels affect people. However, the professor did not feel comfortable making a recommendation as to how many decibels were acceptable.

Although the presentation was interesting, community members Roger Bumgardner and Gayle Lough were still left with concerns. Bumgardner said he worries about things such as the traffic the windfarms will bring.

“There are still a lot of issues that need to be brought forward,” said Lough.