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Opinion: Hopkinton resident wonders why town can’t get power from turbines

We have been fighting for two years…we need more people to help us protect our town and residents.

We need every one of you who does not want to live among 500-foot industrial turbines to do more – attend town board meetings, write papers (NCTW, Watertown Daily Times, Courier), support Concerned Citizens for Rural Preservation (CCRP), volunteer time, write/email the town board and let them know your stance (ask for it to go in the public record).

The town board is in need of support and direction toward passing a protective wind law. Speak with your friends and family to explain why you oppose the project; educate them on the negative impacts of wind turbines on other communities.

Most of all we need you to read articles, scientific abstracts – anything relating to the issue.

Watch YouTube videos and read testimonies by people suffering from the effects of turbines. There are plenty from all around the world (even Denmark).

Even if you think you know enough not to want the turbines, more information is needed to pass along. One person may not care about the same things as you (property value diminution, environmental, health, wildlife, economic, etc.).

Give others the tools for understanding, kindly and consistently.

Neutrality is not going to help keep these giant turbines from being too close to your loved ones or your home. Neutrality is only a stance when you are not affected. Once the turbines are up it will be too late to fix the wrongs.

Every action in this fight counts. If you already have a sign clean the snow off, have it displayed clearly. If you do not have a sign, and or make one (contact CCRP). We have to make this town as inhospitable for the wind company as it will be for us once the turbines are here.

If you truly believe in America, personal freedoms, democracy, and what is right, then do something about it.

Right now there is a company that is invading our town for their bottom dollar. This is not about the environment, and if you still think these things are environmental then check out the hundreds of articles that explain why they are not.

It is irresponsible to have a stance on something without fully investigating both sides and learning why people oppose it (natural space-gone, dead wildlife, rare minerals, low actual capacity factor, short life span, fossil fuel dependence, infrasound/low-frequency, toxic waste, etc.

This project, like many others, is too big. If this were actually about the environment then our town would get its own system of power generation and be self sustaining, this is about money.

Janice Pease